Performance Management Dashboard

“The main reason people fail is that they don’t know what is expected of them”
Neil Kelly (ResX Director, entrepreneur and business owner)
Challenges facing our client:
  • A performance management dashboard was required to monitor their contact centre’s staff performance
  • Unable to incentivise and target staff based on revenue, due to regulations in their industry
  • Staff targets did not drive business performance
  • Staff handled a variety of client accounts and portfolios – setting targets for all staff was therefore “impossible as it could never be fair”!
The solution:
A performance dashboard styled as ‘Super League’, based on the client’s interest in their local Rugby League team (Warrington Wolves), was developed to deliver:
  • A live performance management dashboard detailing individual staff’s productivity, customer outcomes and compliance
  • A league table ranking staff performance
  • A points system based on outcomes (not based on revenue) with points weighted based on the type of account / portfolio the staff member was handling
Initially introduced as a management tool and not published to the staff, this allowed our client’s leadership team to gauge individual performance to ensure that the dashboard was fair whilst also building staff interest in the tool.

Once published and accessible by the staff, the client experienced a marked improvement in staff performance as the staff themselves knew what customer outcomes and behaviours the business expected of them, whilst promoting healthy competition – no-one wanted to be bottom of the league!

This ‘Super League’ allowed our client to reward and incentivise its staff based on compliant customer outcomes and also focus its development on those individuals who were consistently falling below the league’s daily average points.

Over the first 12 months the average daily performance (points) increased by 127% and, as a by-product, led to a 9% increase in compliance and 89% increase in revenue.

Therefore as a result of introducing this performance management dashboard our client is more compliant with increased revenue and more engaged and motivated staff – the dashboard itself manages performance!

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