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Data can be daunting for the finance industry

Digitisation and digital engagement within the financial industry took a big leap forward in 2020, and businesses are now considering the next step. Big Data is likely to become more important than ever, but as much as organisations need to stay ahead of the curve, it's also essential to follow strict industry guidelines around security and compliance.

Having a full understanding of your data, and being able to automate time-consuming processes, is arguably as important as meeting industry regulations. However, concerns about compliance can often stand in the way of using data for increased efficiency. So, how do you navigate both issues?

The answer is: with a trusted partner who understands data mining as well as compliance issues. That's where ResX comes in.

Why ResX is your trusted data partner

Our background in the legal industry means we're no strangers to strict guidelines and compliance issues. We've worked with multiple clients within the financial sector, so we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges that you face. Our role as your trusted partner is to ensure you get the most out of the data you have – without breaching industry standards.

It's likely that the information you need already exists in your company data. ResX simply gives you the tools you need to extract it, and present it in a way that makes sense. Once you've unlocked the data it can be used to improve processes – both internally and externally – as well as automating day-to-day processes.

Our suite of intelligent data management services can give you a deeper understanding of your business, helping you to create accurate forecasts and get an insight into your clients needs. Our automation services help to modernise businesses, cutting time-consuming processes and giving staff time to work on more important projects. And, because automation reduces the chance of human error, it's likely to boost overall compliance too.

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How we've helped finance companies maximise their data

Find out how our client uses our scoring model to forecast performance and profitability of accounts before formally accepting them.

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