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Business Intelligence Solutions

Identify and track the outcome of your organisation's actions and processes with our unique business intelligence solutions. Because every business has different needs, each of our solutions has a modular format for custom integration.

Below, you'll find examples of business intelligence products and services that have helped ResX clients reach their goals.

KPI Dashboard

Gain a deeper understanding into the effectiveness of contact centre agents using this reporting solution.

  • One page report summarises how much contact has been made with customers – and how much revenue each customer has generated.
  • Intelligent algorithm assigns each agent points based on activities they do (or don't) complete. This allows our client to understand their best performers.
  • Encourages healthy competition between agents
  • Identifies areas which need more attention, such as staff training.

Predictive Analytics Model

Increase profitability while reducing costs by using our innovative three-stage AI scoring model.

  • Demographic mining in the backbook discovers key signs of whether a customer will be profitable or not
  • Predictive analytic algorithm segments customer base using a ranked scoring system, according to expected profitability
  • Second backbook analysis compares the cost of operation vs. profitability of each account
  • AI predictive analytic algorithm determines whether each account will be profitable and, if so, how much value it will generate
  • Modelling predicts how much work will be required on each account in order to yield the expected profit.

AI-Powered Customer Journeys

Get the correct message to customers, at the right time, via optimal channels using this AI-powered predictive analytic tool which determines which of your messages to send and when to send them.

  • Analysis of touchpoints (SMS/email/letter) made on the account prior to customer conversion
  • Review of touchpoint sequence and sentiment of content
  • Guidance on what, when and how to send messages for the best results.


Determine how much money is likely to be generated or what your expected stock levels will be in a given period.

  • Plots when each payment is likely to arrive, based on customer payment methods and clearance timescales
  • Discovers buying patterns in order to help manage your stock levels
  • Value reduction is applied based on historic data around the percentage of accounts likely to break agreement
  • Value uplift is applied based on what recent revenue generating activity has produced during past campaigns
  • Data is combined to provide an overall monthly revenue generating forecast
  • General margin of error is within 1%.


Our exceptional team is able to provide consultancy and assistance around all things data. This can take many forms, for example:

Complete portfolio analysis: understand and demonstrate how well data is populated. So, we could help a client find out what percentage of customers have contact details on file, and thus how many they can engage with. If population rates are lower than desired, we could recommend solutions on how to update their books.

Complete data health check: find out if there are any data quality issues, e.g. a telephone number inserted into a postcode field. From the analysis, we could then provide a data health check score and assist with the removal or updating of rogue records.

Streamlining and automation: systems and processes are developed to automatically complete tasks that are usually done manually. This saves time and money, improves staff efficiency and – in some cases – increases accuracy.

BAU tasks to assist with day-to-day: for example ad hoc data extract requests, bespoke on demand reporting solutions and assistance with technological challenges (such as Excel Pivot tables).

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Our exceptional team is on-hand to help you with your data needs. Covering a wide range of skill sets, they can build completely bespoke products from the ground up.

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