Symbi – Campaign Manager

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”
Albert Einstein (acclaimed genius)
Challenges facing our client:
  • Low customer engagement rate for outbound prospecting - 1.5%
  • Significant human resource and cost for outbound prospecting
  • Only two ways of contacting customers:
  • 1.    Letters
  • 2.    Outbound telephone calls / dialling
  • A generic bulk bombardment mentality to outbound prospecting – throw enough and some will stick!
The solution:
We introduced a digital multi-channel sequential touchpoint product – Symbi –a low cost, high engagement and automated process allowing the client to tailor message and contact channels suited to their prospects – including SMS, email and interactive picture and GIF messages.

By using Symbi the client changed its customer engagement strategy from a manual ‘analogue’ outbound process to a low cost and automated strategy to drive inbound customer contact.

The benefits the client saw from using Symbi were plentiful:
  • Customer engagement increased from 1.5% to 10%
  • Customer conversion increased from 10% to 40%
  • Cost per customer engagement reduced by 800%
  • Customer satisfaction – 94% extremely or very satisfied

Not only did the introduction of Symbi improve efficiencies, the client were able to learn from customer behaviour as all interaction, link clicking, page activity was tracked and fed back in to Symbi meaning bespoke and follow-up contact could be automatically initiated – e.g. “we have notice that you have added the product to you basket, did you know that only a few further steps are required to complete your purchase? Click here for more information…”

Symbi therefore is far more than a campaign management tool – it learns and adjusts its messaging delivery and content based on the prospects behaviour and therefore increasing the likelihood of the prospect becoming a customer.

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