Integrated Marketing & Communication Platform


Our client has a large customer base with whom they regularly communicate. They use a variety of medium to communicate with their customers, including email, SMS and by letter. Previously they had to log in to different systems to set up their campaigns and would then need to log into another, separate system in order to view the results of the campaigns. They required one centralised hub where they could build and manage their campaigns whilst integrating into their CRM.


We designed and built a full service communications hub, with a whole host of features including:

  • Dynamic Tags – to allow our client to pull in information about their customers to personalise their messages.
  • Exclusion Criteria – gives our client the option to choose scenarios in which to stop a campaign being sent to a particular customer, for example a payment being made.
  • Templates - to save time, we have given the option to create templates, which can be used across multiple campaigns or be copied for a quick edit for a new campaign.
  • Blocks – similar to the templates above, we have created the option for a block of content that can easily be placed into multiple campaigns without the need for re-creation.
  • Letter Builder – by pre-building templates and inserts, users can easily construct letters and include all relevant information at the touch of a button, and by using dynamic tags they can provide valuable information to their customers.
  • Integration – we integrated our system into both the clients’ CRM to provide their staff the ability to see all communications that have been sent to the customers, as well as into their customer portal to give customers the option to see all of their previous communications from the company.
  • Reporting – application specific and integration to MI & Performance analytics.

The communications hub allows our client to view detailed results from their campaigns in the reporting suite, including the open and click rates as well as their return on investment. They can now manage the creation, sending and reporting of all their communications to customers in one place. By implementing this system, we have also drastically reduced the time taken by staff members to set up campaigns and run reports.


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