Order Processing Automation Case Study

Our client, an online retailer specialising in telephony products for businesses, came to us for help with the management of their order processing.

The Problem

Sales staff were having to manually input figures into multiple Excel spreadsheets and then input that same information into their CRM in order to complete orders and generate reports. Once complete, they were having to print the orders off to physically give the information to their despatch team.

Staff were becoming increasingly frustrated with the process and morale was low amongst the team as sales staff were spending large amounts of time on admin instead of revenue generating activity.

The Solution

ResX designed and built a custom cloud-based portal to allow the team to quickly generate orders wherever they are. Instead of manually filling in company names and addresses, we used Autocomplete recognition, which pulls information from the CRM, all the team needed to do was type the first 3 letters and the rest would appear. Similarly, with the products being ordered, users can choose the required items for the order from a drop-down list and the pricing is automatically pulled from the CRM.

The portal also automatically produces commission reports and other statistics including customer spend which would historically have been 3 separate Excel spreadsheets.

The Results:

The solution saved on average of 30 minutes per day for each sales person, amounting to 10 hours per month, and reduced errors by pulling through information from one centralised location. Most importantly, staff are much happier with the reduced amount of data imputing required.

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