Customer Management Portal

A North West based law firm approached us to create a bespoke portal which would allow their customers to complete forms, make payments and view information relating to their account. They needed the portal to be self sufficient, enabling customers to manage their account at their own convenience, removing the need for staff involvement and increasing the firm's capacity.

The Problem

Customer and client interaction was predominantly managed by telephone calls – even where standard forms and processes still needed to be completed.

The average length of a phone call was 15 minutes, and with 10 Case Managers working full time on the phones this allowed for a maximum of 300 customers per day being dealt with.

The law firm had an increase in work and historically relied on the costly and lengthy process of recruitment to deal with increased demand of work. Furthermore, work volumes would peak and troth due to seasonality, changes in the market/industry and economy. Management of customer relationships and interactions was therefore a continual problem of reaction.

The Solution

A customer portal and gateway was introduced over a 6 week period allowing customers to self-serve 24/7 and complete necessary actions, such as court forms and view the status of their case and next actions at the convenience of the customer.

The portal integrated into the law firm’s in-house case management system allowing two-way exchange of data with no time delay or lag - when an action was completed on the portal this was immediately and automatically reflected on the case management system.

Further integration included a secure payment site, BACS approved Direct Debit forms and a Live Chat function for any customers online who require that little bit more of information.

The Results:
  • 80% of customer interactions now take place on the portal
  • Capacity for work has increased
  • Service changed from 50 hours a week to 24/7
  • 100% compliance on the portal with mandatory forms and processes strictly followed – no human error
  • Overall cost per customer interaction reduced by 45%
  • Improved profit margins
  • Customer satisfaction increased by 208%

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