Customer Portal

Enable your customers to manage their account their way

Simple and Easy to Use

Today’s consumers lead busy lives, which often don’t fit in with your opening times or customer service availability. By providing your customers with an easy way to monitor and manage their account helps you to improve your user experience, whilst ensuring your customers will keep returning.

Our customer portal is a simple and easy to use platform suitable for a range of industries; including retail, financial services and travel. Customers can create an account profile to see an overview of their account, see their account status & order history and complete any required actions, such as making a payment or setting up a direct debit.

Our customer portal has a gamification element to not look clinical or daunting for the customer. These can be customised for your specific business and can be used to show a variety of information, such as order delivery progress or a repayment plan.

Portal Details

Gamification here promotes positive reinforcement and gives customers an immersive customer journey by showing information in a clear and visual way. When you need to show the customer an important message, such as a payment due or out of date information that needs updating; this can also be shown in an appealing, yet informative way.

To further enhance the customer journey, we show quick actionable options, such as make a payment, track order or contacting a member of the customer services team or account manager.

We provide full analytics from data gathered from the customer’s journey so you can monitor who logs in & their frequency, pages viewed, actions completed and any abandoned actioned so that customer can be reengaged.

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