Client Portal

Easily view and manage your portfolio of clients in a secure environment.

Secured Environment

With companies managing hundreds or thousands of customers across multiple clients, it can prove difficult to keep a track of them. It’s important for businesses to be able to understand who their customers are, what they are purchasing and if they owe you payment. It’s then imperative that this information is shown in a clear format, whilst retained in a secured environment.

Our Client Portal can only be accessed by secure login, which can be restricted to pre-determined IP addresses to ensure only those who should gain access are able to. This also safeguards against ex-employees or those who should no longer have access.

We can also add a second element of security, whereby all user passwords expire and need to be changed each month to ensure that only the right people continue to gain access.

Portal Details

Once logged in, our portal gives you a snapshot of your current inventory, which can be filtered to show specific clients or files which were opened during a certain time period. Files can be searched by reference numbers or by name.

By clicking into an individual file, you are able to see the full details and status of the account, including order history, last payment date, last communication date and any other outstanding actions.

The portal shows the full customer journey of each individual account, with a list of all communications received by the account holder, such as emails, SMS and letters - the contents of which can then be viewed by clicking into the communication. For accounts where staff have had conversations over the phone with the customer, any notes which have been left will also appear in chronological order in the communications list.

Each account’s details can also be exported or printed, if they are needed to be shared with colleagues or used in reports.

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