Data Cleanse & Validation

Get the most out of the information on your system.

Effectively Communicate with your Prospects & Customers

At ResX we can cleanse and validate your data in order to ensure that you're getting the most out of the information on your system. We are able to validate a range of information including phone numbers, email addresses and postcodes based on their characters or digits.

Making sure your data is both up to date and accurate should be high on the priority list for most companies in order to maximise the information you have and effectively communicate with your prospects & customers by ensuring records are up to date and accurate.

Benefits of Validating your Data

  • Locating email addresses & phone numbers with missing characters/ digits
  • Finding duplicate information
  • Highlights missing information
  • Cross-reference data from multiple sources
  • Finds information in incorrect fields

Your data can be imported into our system which will validate against pre-defined formats, such as phone numbers and postcodes. Exception reports are then generated showing the incorrect data.

Our data cleansing and validation service can either be offered as an ad hoc service or can be utilised as an in house system which can be used whenever it is needed.

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