Digital Mailroom

Automatically upload information into your CRM directly from scanned documents.

Eliminating Manual Processes

ResX have created a product that can scan different document types and automatically push the information into your CRM, eliminating the need for a manual data entry process.

Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), our solution can detect and extract predefined data such as names, reference numbers, postcodes and payments in order to link the document to a file in a CRM.

Saving you Time & Money

The types of documents our Digital Mailroom solution can recognise are:


3rd Party Forms

Government Forms

Anything with a set layout

Our system can then automatically update statuses and information in your CRM, saving you time and money by removing the process of having a member of staff spending time manually imputing information. 

Our Digital Mailroom will also attach a copy of the scanned document to the CRM file and push the file into a defined workflow.

On average, the Digital Mailroom can scan and update 65 items per minute versus 1 when scanned and updated manually by a member of staff. This amounts to a 6400% increase in efficiency.

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