Integration Services

In addition to creating bespoke software solutions, ResX has been able to provide seamless integration to many external systems.

This optimises ease of use and minimises staff involvement in manual processing, which in turn reduces user error and automates data validation.  

Below are just some of the integration projects we have been involved in. Get in touch if you have an integration project in mind.  

HR Integration

Seamlessly link information between your IT and HR departments in order to automate and track processes with ease.

  • Synchronisation of holiday/ absence data
  • Creation of network login and email accounts for new starters
  • Defining access rights and allocating users to correct security and distribution groups by job role
  • Disabling access and archiving data for leavers

Payment System Integration

Take payments from multiple different sources whilst integrating and reconciling with your financial management system and CRM.

  • Customise external interfaces for integrated look and feel
  • Take payments via customer web portal
  • Take payments via CRM system
  • Take payments through IVR (automated telephone system)
  • Process confirmed/failed payments with transaction details into CRM system
  • Payment reconciliation with financial management system

    Telephony System Integration

    Integrates telephone systems into your CRM to have direct access, allowing you to call contacts and instantly manage files through one central location.

    • Making calls directly from CRM system
    • Link call recordings to CRM contract entries
    • Provide web-based interfaces for searching and listening to recordings
    • Automated scripts for taking payments
    • Automatically pauses call recordings to prevent capture of card details, CVV codes etc. during payment process
    • Updates CRM and financial management system with telephone payment details

    External Telephony Systems Providers:

    • Cisco
    • EngHouse
    • Five9
    • And more

    Bespoke API Interfaces

    Creates and implements a link between two systems that do not currently integrate with each other, in order for them to work together smoothly.

    • Allows external clients to retrieve and send data directly into internal systems
    • Customer web portal integration with external web provider
    • Fully secured interfaces using industry standards
    • Access restricted to individual hosts/ internet addresses
    • Full auditing of client actions, requests and responses

    Outsourced Mail Integration

    Directly link your management systems with external mail providers to create, manage and send communications from one central location.

    • Creating template specifications for provider
    • Creating and processing data feeds for templated documents
    • Previewing of rendered document batches before submission to external provider
    • Creating and processing RTF formatted documents for custom postings
    • Processing and indexing final proofs into legal management system
    • Updating legal management system with statuses and responses at each stage of the process

    HM Land Registry Integration

    Creates a link between your financial management system and HM Land Registry to make it easier to process and manage information.

    • Extraction and validation of property data from legal management system
    • Land Registry title number matching from addresses
    • Submission of requests and processing returned data into legal management system
    • Document storage and indexing
    • Updating financial management system with fee allocations

    County Courts Integration

    Directly link your systems with those of the County Court in order to process and manage claims.

    • Extraction and validation of customer data from legal management system
    • Processing requests with auto generated particulars of claim from the extracted data
    • Processing incoming responses to claims, judgments and warrants
    • Handling alternative processes for defended claims, partial admissions, etc.
    • Updating financial management system with statuses and responses at each stage of the process
    • Updating financial management system with fees and cost allocation

    SMS Messaging Integration

    Create and send SMS messages directly from your CRM system and automatically track delivery responses.

    • Queueing and processing SMS messages directly from CRM system
    • Handling delivery, read and undeliverable responses
    • Message sending validation and retries
    • Updating CRM with invalid telephone numbers
    • Re-queueing undeliverable message for alternative channels

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